6 Effective Steps How to Improve iPhone 7 Battery Life

Today, there are many options of Smartphone available in the market. One of the best options is iPhone. iPhone comes in various types. One of the newest types is iPhone 7. It offers so many interesting features and sophisticated techs so that it will be so much fun. However, you should be careful with the battery life because most common problems of Smartphone relate to battery life. Therefore, you have to know how to improve battery life of iPhone 7. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Fix Any Program and Software

The first thing that you have to follow if you want to make iPhone 7 battery life longer is to fix any program or software that has problems. Fixing programs and software is very useful to make the battery life of iPhone 7 stay longer even though just a few minutes. However, it works well and very beneficial.

Uninstall the Apps Most Using Battery

Battery life is affected by the use of iPhone 7. Different apps, games, etc consume different battery. So, you have to know what app, game, etc that consume most battery. To know this, you should go to “Settings”. After that, choose “General” and then tap “Usage”. Lastly, choose “Battery Life” and you can see the apps that use most battery life in the past until 3 days. After knowing the apps most using battery, you can consider uninstall them if they are not too important. It belongs to the most effective ways how to boost battery life of iPhone 7.

Inactivate Background App Refresh

The next step that you should do to boost the battery life is to inactivate Background App Refresh. You have to know that refreshing data consumes much battery so that it will drain battery life a lot. So, you should activate it. You can do it by going to “Settings” and choose the menu of “General’. After that, tap “Background App Refresh”! Then, activate it by tapping the green switch. You can also inactivate some of the data only by tapping the green switch on the data available. It will be good to save battery life.

Turn off the “Location Service”

It also becomes one of the best tips how to improve battery life of iPhone 7 to turn off the “Location Services”. It means you stop apps that track your location. You can do this easily. You just need to go to “Setting” menu. Then, choose “Privacy” and then tap “Location Services”! You have to disallow the location access completely. By not tracking your location automatically, your iPhone 7 battery life will stay longer.

Turn off Wi-Fi

One of the biggest drains on the battery life of your iPhone 7 is Wi-Fi. So, you have to turn off Wi-Fi connection if you want to save its battery life. If it is needed, you can also turn off the mobile network connections. Even more, you can also do the most extreme idea that is to enable Airplane mode. However, it means everyone cannot contact you. You can consider it when you are driving, for example.

Turn on the Mode of Battery Saving

Every mobile phone offers Battery Saving including iPhone 7. So, it also becomes the next step how to boost iPhone 7 battery life to turn on the “Battery Saving” mode. You can turn it on by going to “Settings” menu and choose “Battery”. After that, enable the “Battery Saving” mode. It is able to save the consumption of iPhone 7 battery up to 20 percents.

That is all the tutorials how to improve battery life of iPhone 7. If you can save the battery life, you can use iPhone 7 longer so that it will be more fun. For the anticipation, I also suggest you to bring a Power Bank. It can be used to charge the battery when it is in urgent. Hopefully this will be useful for you all who have iPhone 7.

Description: How to improve battery life of iPhone 7 can be done with some steps. You should fix any program & software, uninstall the apps most using battery, inactivate Background App Refresh, Turn off the “Location Services, Turn off Wi-Fi, and turn on Battery Saving mode.

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