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Welcome to iPhone 7 Manual website. Smartphone is now increasingly more popular. The users are more increased time by time. However, do you know what the best Smartphone is? I can say it is iPhone from Apple because the applications offered comes earlier than other types of Smartphone. Besides that, it also has the highest satisfaction from all types of Smartphone. Today, there are two types of most awaited new iPhone, they are 7 and 7 plus. So, it is interesting to know their specs. Now, we will talk about iPhone 7 first.

iPhone 7 User Guide

iPhone 7 Manual PDF

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iPhone 7 Tutorial

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Review & Overview

iPhone 7

Starts from the design, iPhone 7 comes with a little change on some details. The camera includes a slight taper that leads up to the lens. It also comes with redesigned antenna so that the line that across the back is not visible again. For the Home button, it is redesigned wholly with more durable design than the previous version. Even more, it is water resistant that adds the durability. For the color, it offers 2 options. They are black than & jet black. Overall, the changes of design make it much more attractive.

It is also interesting to review about its camera. This sophisticated new iPhone comes with 12 MP of camera that has ƒ/1.8 aperture & 6 element lens. Then, the camera can also capture the wider range of color. In addition, it also includes Image Signal Processor that will be able to process more than 100 billion operations within 25 milliseconds. On the front, iPhone 7 also offers 7 MP of Face Time-camera that also comes with wide color capture. Comes with LED, it can produce the brighter flash. Anyway, the camera is really satisfying.

One of the best features offered by this Smartphone is water resistant feature. So, this iPhone cannot break down under the water with about 1 meter depth for about a half hour. Even though it is not truly water proof, you do not worry to bring it when it is rain or unexpectedly drop it in the toilet or pool. However, you have to note that you cannot plug in iPhone 7 to the charger. You have to dry it out first. If it gets wet, it should only be in the speaker and port areas, not whole of the phone. Anyway, you need to thank to this interesting feature.

The next interesting feature offered is stereo speakers. One of them is located at the top of this phone whereas another one is at the bottom. Those speakers are not only louder but they can also work together to produce the better dynamic range and quality sound. It can be said that iPhone 7 comes with some changes of stereo speakers that most people hope. In other words, its stereo speakers are very great and satisfying.

Lastly, iPhone 7 offers the great performance. It can be seen from the processor used. It comes with Quad Core CPU that has 2 GB of RAM. So, you can use this Smartphone to run applications, games, and others fast. It also keeps smooth and cool even you operate it all day. So, it can be said that this Smartphone has high performance.

iPhone 7 Plus

The higher version is iPhone 7 plus because its specs are a little better. For more detailed, you can see the following overview. Starts from the design, it comes with 5 different models where two of them are new. They are bye and bye Space Grey. For the color, it offers Jet Black, Black, Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver. You have to know that this iPhone does not have antenna lines on the back. It is very durable because this Smartphone is made with water & dust resistant design. It comes with IP67 protection standard so that it can stand longer under the water up to 30 a half hour in one meter depth. So, you have to thank to this durable design.

This iPhone has a wide screen so that it is very comfortable to use. You can use it for gaming or running many applications comfortably. Even more, it also has some improvements. One of them relates to the brightness where it is much brighter compared to iPhone 6 plus up to 25 percent. Besides that, the screen of iPhone 7 plus also comes with wide color gamut. It also offers color management. In addition, it offers 3 D touch capabilities, too. That is why this iPhone is very enjoyable and appropriate for everyone.

For the camera, you can capture objects sharply and clearly because it offers 12 PM of the main camera. It comes with dual lens that makes it more sophisticated. Even more, it also offers optical image stabilization. These new features make the camera more satisfying. The lenses offered are usual wide angle and telephoto lenses. It also offers zoom feature where you can zoom in up to 10x zoom with much better result. That is why there are many people who love the camera of iPhone 7 plus.

Its performance is also very great. Comes with A10 Fushion processor that comes with four cores, this iPhone can perform much faster than A9 up to 40 percent. So, it can be concluded that iPhone 7 plus becomes the fastest Smartphone in the market today. It is also good for gaming. Even more, it comes with Super Mario Run game. In addition, it also has long batter life. It can last longer than iPhone 6 plus. In addition, it offers bigger RAM with 3 GB RAM. So, you will be amazed and satisfied with it’s performance.


New Apple’s wireless earbuds named AirPods, look a lot like standard EarPods without the wires but there are no wires between the AirPods and each operates independently. You can wear wear a single one for a phone or FaceTime call or both at the same time.


There are still many other features applied on this iPhone. One of them is EarPods & AirPods. Besides that, it also offers Felica technology that allows the users to use Japan’s contactless standard service. Other features are such as Retina HD display, LED backlit screen, IPS tech, 1920 x 1080 pixels, etc. After knowing the specs above, you can choose which is better for you. Considering the review, it can be concluded that iPhone 7 plus is the better choice but the price may be higher.

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  1. I have had an iphone7 for almost 2 years. Now I am having a problem with the text messaging. When someone sends me a test there is no sound or vibration No notification at all. I have checked and rechecked all my settings. What is the problem?

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