How to Use Native 3D Touch Actions in iOS 10

It seems that Apple has really designed iOS 10 with so much improvement. One of main improvement in iOS 10 can be seen in 3d Touch. Apple has focused on expanding 3D Touch functionality to make it more relevant to users, with an expectation that the users eventually come to see it as second nature. If you are one of users who own an iPhone 6s or later, there are a wide range of 3D Touch gestures that you can test out in iOS 10, especially from the home screen. you can see the improvement here.

There are some native icons that now support 3D Touch. Below we have listed native app icons that now support 3D Touch with a handful other useful function of these icons. It is possibly some of them will be more relevant to you than others, it depends on your usage habits. You can add 3D Touch shortcuts whenever you need them. The additional 3D Touch shortcuts for the Control center and widgets Panel can be find in iOS 10. Here are some useful guides for you to follow if you want to do so.

Phone, Contacts, and FaceTime

phone contact iPhone 7

It is now easier to get access into Phone, Contacts, and FaceTime. You can press and hold on the Phone app icon to get access to the app, where you get a pop-up menu with options to call one of your designated favorites, create a new contact to be added to your contact list, or search for an existing one, and view the most recent call.

The first two shortcuts are mirrored by a deep press on the Contacts app, which also offers to take you straight to your own info card. This is very effective to have these shortcuts so that you can cut the long way to the apps quickly through these 3D icons. While the FaceTIme app icon also offers 3D Touch shortcuts that can be added to your Favorites.

Phone Settings Icon


There are so many things we can do with Settings App. Include some of the most handy 3D Touch functions that we need can be found by a press and hold on the Settings app icon which allows you to access the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi screens to quickly connect to a wireless device or hotspot.

Photos and Camera Icons


Photos and Camera Icons probably one of most favorite icon. Therefore, it is also important to make access to this app as simple as it can be. Photos app icon offers yearly photo collection shortcut, along with options to see the most recent shot taken, your designated favorites, and a quick search option. Meanwhile, the Camera app gives you shortcuts to take a photo, record video, and take a selfie with the front-facing camera. With these apps shortcut, you can access your photo collections or Camera apps quickly.

News and Weather Icons


News and Weather are very important to acknowledge you with important information that you need and even entertaining for some kind of information and news. Tap and hold on Apple’s News app offers you a preview of the current headline, which you can tap on it to go to directly, as well as shortcut to the personalized For You section and any other custom news sources you have selected. This is an easy access to get through the News and Weather app.

We are not stopping right here. The Weather app also has a new preview widget for accessing from the home screen, with option to launch the app straight into a specific location forecast. This ability is quite helpful for a quick access.

If we open the News and Weather apps, you will see an “Add Widget” option at the top right of the screen. This option lets you add them to your Widgets panel (if they are not already there). If you add the app to the Widget panel, you can see the added app by accessing the Widget panel by swiping right on the home screen and the lock screen.

Calendar and Reminder Apps


Calendar and Reminder Apps can be very crucial for your own personal information. With this 3D Touch Action feature, the Calendar and Reminder app icons include the native 3D Touch Action in iOS 10. Within this Calendar and Reminder app icons there is 3D Touch options to add events or to add reminders to specific lists. The best part of this is, when there is a calendar notification banner appears at the top of your screen, you can press and hold on the notification to get more option. An even can then be snoozed, while an invitation can be accepted or declined whatever you want to do with this without entering the full app.

We can do the similar thing with the reminder. If there is a reminder notification banner appear on your screen, you can tap and hold on the notification so that you can mark the reminder as completed, or opt to be reminded about it later.

Mail and Messages Icons

Mail and Messages Icons

Mail and Messages apps are very important to get you directly to sending and receiving mails and messages. You can also read your mails and messages in the inbox and sent box. If you press and hold on the Mail app icon, you will get to the shortcut to your inbox, favorites, the search field, and the composition screen. if you press and hold on the Messages icon, you will bring to the shortcut to compose a new message and any recent message threads.

One more thing you can do related with the Mail and Messages app icon: if there is an incoming iMessage notification banner appear on the screen, you can press and hold on the notification to let you reply the message without entering the app.

Safari and Apple Maps Icons

Safari and Apple Maps Icons

Whatever you need to do with Safari and Apple Maps app, Apple ensure you that these apps are very easy to access with this 3D Touch icon. If you tap on quick Safari shortcuts, it lets you to open a new (private) tab and go straight to your Reading List or Bookmarks. The other shortcut, Maps app icon, if you tap on it, you will bring to a destination preview and the ability send and mark your location or search nearby. You can maximize your limit time to access these apps with these useful shortcuts.

Folders and Downloads

download folders

Folders and Downloads offer access to all your folders and also all downloaded content. If you have got a few apps downloading or even updating at the same time, and then you press and hold on one of them, it gives you the option to prioritize its download over all others. The 3D Touch also works on folders too. With this 3D Touch for Folders, if you press and hold on the icon then there will be the option to rename the folder, and you will get a shortcut to any apps contained therein if there are any apps contained therein sporting notification badges as well.

iCloud and Music

iCloud and Music

accessing your iCloud and Music offers you to so many shortcuts to get quick access. First, we will see what we can do with the iCloud icon. If you tap and hold on the iCloud icon, it brings up shortcut to three recently accessed files and a handy search function. Second, the smart access to Music with this Music 3D Touch icon. If you press and hold on the Music icon, it displays a search option, a shortcut to Beats 1 radio, and a widget with your three most frequently played albums plus a shuffle option. Now, entertainment access is on the shortcut. Anytime you want to play them, just tap on the available options to play any of them without entering the app.

Other Native App Shortcuts

Besides the mentioned native apps above, there are some other apps in iOS 10 that offer useful shortcuts via this 3D Touch. These other apps include the Compass, Stocks, Podcasts, Tips, Clock, Wallet, Apple Store, App Store, and also iTunes Store. Check your third party app to know which of your third-party app icons have integrated 3D Touch, too so that you can set the 3D icon for the app on the shortcut.

Other 3D Touch Tricks

Peek and Pop

Peek and Pop are two other 3D Touch features worth playing around. Peek and Pop function as content preview functions. This functions includes letting you, say, look (or peek) at the contents of an email without actually opening it. what you need to do is just press and hold on the message in your inbox. If you do a firmer press on it, you can make the same email to open fully, while if you swipe up on it, this reveals options for replying, forwarding, and the like.


Besides what we mentioned above, Peek and Pop also let you view content from other apps without opening them. For example, if you receive an email in which there is an address in there and you want to look for any information about the located address, try some different tricks to get different results. Instead of tapping on the address in the email which would switch you to the Map app, a hard press pops up a more convenient preview of the map. While an immediately swiping up on the preview likewise reveals a series of further options. Different result appears if you tap on the preview, which opens up the Maps app proper.


The principle in the previous section has the same principle when it applies to web links and attachments in emails. Whenever you want to open a web link or attachment in the email you received. The fact is, this action can be found throughout iOS 10. Therefore, why don’t you give is a try whenever you come across linked content that would usually require you to switch apps. It is worth experimenting whenever you get this.

App Switcher and Cursor Control

It is true, you can control your screen to be what you want it to be when you are using it. There are many improvements in iOS 10 bring simplicity to the users. One of these improvement seems in this App switcher and Cursor Control. This app enables to have quick access you when the next time you want to open a recent app you used. You just need to try a hard press the left side of the screen for a start. After that, the app Switcher should be activated, and the harder you press, the more recently-opened apps you’ll see. It is very helpful, isn’t it? just like a number of other native apps, this action works from the home screen.

the above action is not the only one, here is one last thing you can do. Next time you are using the onscreen keyboard, do this action by hard pressing on a letter and you will gain control of the cursor. This enables you to easily track back and edit your text.

Keep on Pressing


The mentioned apps above are not all apps those are integrating 3D Touch in useful ways. There are so many more and more third-party apps are integrating this 3D Touch, so give a try to any app that you think it might lead to an action by pressing it away. Just to remind you, whenever you have troubles with the sensitivity of 3D Touch, you can adjust it anytime you want in Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch. Hopefully you are ready with all these simplicities. A bit complicated at the beginning, but it worth so much when you are familiar with all these features.

images credit: macrumors

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