How to Use Digital Touch in Messages in iOS 10

It seems like iOS 10 really expands the Messages app to give this messaging app to be more than just sending or receiving messages. Now, in iOS 10, the Messages app is gaining Digital Touch. This is a communication feature that was previously limited to watchOS, but now you can find it in Messages app in iOS 10. With this Digital Touch in the Messages app, you can send family and friends drawings, heartbeats, fireballs, kisses, and many more, and you can do all with just a few taps. It will be a bit complicated if you don’t know how to use it. Therefore, we provide this information to help you gain this precious information.

As we all know, Sketches, taps, and other Digital Touch messages created on the iPhone are also viewable on the Apple Watch and vice versa. It really gives you plenty of ways to express yourself to be more communicative. and here, we have listed all you need to do to get started with the new feature:


Accessing Digital Touch

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Start a conversation or you can also open an existing conversation.
  3. Tap the icon that looks like two fingers over a heart.
  4. Tap on the arrow on the right hand side to expand the Digital Touch window.

Actually you can send taps and drawings by using the smaller Digital Touch interface that replaces the keyboard, but unfortunately there is more screen real estate to work with when it is expanded to the size of the full iPhone display. But it is all up to you to have a preference. Just for your information, the Digital Touch interface supports several tap-based gestures to send various taps and icons. Moreover, it also allows for drawing with a finger and annotating short videos with the included video tool. We bet you have your best reason to make your own decision regarding these options.

Taps, Kisses, and Heartbeats

Digital Touch also has something special with Taps, Kisses, and Heartbeats. Just to inform you that there are several different Digital Touch gestures of taps, kisses, heartbeats and more with also a different effect. When you are ready, you can send taps, kisses, heartbeats and more to your friends or family. What you need to know is a list of the gestures and their effects below:

  • Single finger on the screen: starts a drawing.
  • Single finger tap – Sends circular “taps” in the selected color. One tap sends one circle, and you can send multiples.
  • Single finger press – Sends a fireball. Hold down longer for a longer lasting fireball animation.
  • Two finger tap – Sends a kiss. Tap multiple times to send multiple kisses.
  • Two finger tap and hold – Sends a beating heart.
  • Two finger tap and hold, then a downward drag – Sends a heart that beats and then breaks in two.

You cannot draw and send Digital Touch drawing from all devices because sending Digital Touch content can only be done on an iPhone 7 running iOS 10 or an Apple Watch running watchOS 2 or 3. Fortunately it can be viewed on iOS devices running older versions of the operating system and on Macs in the Mas Messages app. It means you can have more option to send your Digital Touch content to.


Digital Touch feature also allows you to create a multimedia message by combining all of the photo, sketching, and gesture tools in Digital Touch to create this multimedia message and share it with friends and family to make your communication more fun. please remember, Digital Touch messages are temporary. They will be deleted after a few minutes if you don’t tap on “Keep” in the messages window to permanently save them. So, if you receive any of this Digital Touch content, don’t forget to tap on “Keep” so that you can see it again later.

Annotating Photos and Videos

Digital Touch feature is really bringing you magic ways to be more expressive. A Digital Touch feature unique to the iPhone and the iPad is the ability to snap photos or record short 10 seconds videos that can be annotated using this Digital Touch sketching tools. Below we provide all required steps to help you do anything with this unique ability:

  1. Tap on the Camera icon in the Digital Touch interface.
  2. Choose the camera you want to use – front-facing camera or rear-facing camera – by pressing the smaller camera icon on the bottom right of the screen. the default camera is the front-facing camera.
  3. Tap the red button to start recording. While the video is recording, you can start drawing on top if the video using the Digital Touch tools.digitaltouchphotos-ios-10
  4. Alternatively, if you want to draw on the screen before you start recording, simple start sketching with a finger. When finished, tap record and your video will record with your drawing on top.
  5. To take a photo, press the white button instead of the red button, and then draw on top of it as you would for a video.
  6. In addition to drawing on photos and videos, use tap gestures to add taps, heartbeats, kisses, and more.
  7. Press the blue arrow to send your finished photo or video.


Digital Touch gives you more chance to be more creative and innovative. You can draw with Digital Touch just by starting to sketch in the black Digital Touch box which is usually visible in standard view mode and full screen mode. When you want to use standard view, tap the small circle on the left side of the screen to see the different color options. All color options are available at the top if you use the full screen mode. We have tips for you regarding this. If you want to access custom colors, press and hold (long press) on any of the color swatches. By tapping on this, the color wheel will show up with custom color options for more personalized drawings. With all these color options, you can draw anything colorfully as you want it to be.


There is a difference between drawing on Apple Watch and on iPhone and iPad. Drawing on the Apple Watch, Digital Touch drawings are sent as soon as you removed your finger from the screen for a few second. While drawing in the iPhone and the iPad, Digital Touch drawings are not sent until you tap the send arrow as the sending command, so you can take your time after finish drawing.

If you send your Digital Touch drawings to someone, he or she will see your Digital Touch drawing like it is drawn in real time, just as you sketched it. The Digital Touch drawing will play like a video, showing how you sketched it from the start until finish. Otherwise, if you receive a Digital Touch drawing in Messages, tap it so that you can see it full screen.

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