How to Use Apple Music Lyrics in iOS 10

Do you love music a lot? What do you think about lyrics? For you who doesn’t really care about a song’s lyric, it may be fine to listen to a song without knowing the lyric. Otherwise, if you think that lyric is important when you are listening your favorite songs, this can be such a good news for you. one of the newest features in iOS 10’s redesigned Apple Music app is the ability to view lyrics for your favorite songs. While the ability to quickly access song lyrics to learn the lines is helpful, the new feature may get lost in the midst of Apple Music’s new look. Here we want to be helpful to show you how to view lyrics for your favorite songs. Read the following information where we have put together a how-to guide related with this matter.

First thing to do before we go any further about how to view lyrics for your songs, you will need to start playing a song. Once a song is playing, click on the song’s banner, just above the Apple Music menu bar at the bottom, so that you can open the song’s individual card. From here, we have two possible methods to view lyrics.

Method One: How to view lyrics


  1. Tap the “three dots” button in the bottom right corner. This brings up a menu overlay displaying options for the song, like adding it to a playlist or creating a station.
  2. Tap the “Lyrics” button below the “Share Song” option. Songs with available lyrics will have this option displayed, while songs without lyrics available will not.
  3. The lyrics will pop up in a separate translucent window that slides over the song window.

Method two: how to view lyrics


  1. Scroll down while in the song card.
  2. The lyrics toggle will be displayed directly beneath the song, right above the “Up Next” feature.
  3. Tap on “Show” to reveal the lyrics to your song.

It is possible for any song to have trouble when you try to view it’s lyric because currently, lyrics are not available on all songs and albums. Thankfully, Apple has been rapidly expanding the number of tracks with lyrics support throughout the beta testing period and coverage has become fairly broad in time for the public release. Surely, if your favorite songs are famous songs, you must be able to view the lyrics. Just give it a try to know its worth.

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