Upgrade Your iPhone to iPhone 7 without Buying the New One

iPhone can be considered as the best kinds of Smartphone. That is why every Apple launches new products of iPhone, people are very enthusiastic. One of the newest products of iPhone from Apple is iPhone 7. If you want to have iPhone 7, you may need to buy it. However, you can also upgrade your own iPhone to that new iPhone without buying the new one. How can it be? Below is the tutorial how to upgrade your iPhone to iPhone 7.

Apple (800,MY.APPLE)

This can be considered as the best upgrade program form Apple’s iPhone. It is not the most inexpensive one but the best one. In fact, you need to pay from $ 32.41. However, Apple’s plan is brave to guarantee that you will get a new and unlocked iPhone including AppleCare + protection every year. It is very a god deal, is not it? So, you should prioritize this one if you want to know how to upgrade an iPhone to iPhone 7 using an upgrade program.

Verizon (800.922.0204 / dial *611)

It also belongs to one of the simplest upgrade program from Apple’s iPhone. In fact, it offers a simple payment. If you upgrade your iPhone 6s to iPhone 7, the price you should pay is $ 27.08 each month for a year with 0% APR. Even more it also offers some fees including $ 20 activation fee and $ 20 upgrade fee. So, are you interested in this tip of upgrading iPhone?

AT&T (800.331.0500 / dial 611)

This also becomes one of the options that you can choose. However, this option is confusing one. Its prices are various depending on the size of your iPhone price and your down payment. You are also required to pay $ 20 for the activation fee. Anyway, it is considered as one of the choices of upgrade program how to upgrade your iPhone to iPhone 7.

T-Mobile (800.866.2453 / dial 611)

This is the next way that you can consider to upgrade your iPhone 6 to iPhone 7. It offers iPhone 7 with free 32GB for you who pre-order the new trades and devices in iPhone 6, 6s, 6plus, and 6s plus. Even more, you can also get more the bigger storage for iPhone 7 with $ 100 up to $ 200 extra price. Considering the benefit, it becomes one of the best ways how to upgrade your iPhone to iPhone 7 plus.

Sprint (866.866.7509 / dial *3)

This is another way to upgrade your iPhone using an upgrade program. Similar to T-mobile, Sprint also offers iPhone for Samsung Galaxy s7 edge, Samsung Galaxy 7, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6. You need to pay $ 30 for upgrading your device with monthly payment like the other upgrade programs.

Those are upgrade programs that can be your choice if you want to upgrade to iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. You have to compare them by considering the price, warranty, and other things. If you want the simplest one, you can also buy a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7. Hopefully, the tutorial how to upgrade your iPhone to iPhone 7 above can be a useful reference especially for iPhone lovers.

Description: How to upgrade your iPhone to iPhone 7 can be done using upgrade programs such as Apple, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint.

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  1. please help me to upgrade my iPhone 6s+ 128G
    to iPhone 7

  2. Paul R Cassidy | April 12, 2017 at 8:58 pm | Reply

    My iPhone will not ring when called. Settings and volume seem OK. Call is received but no sound.

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