How to Transfer Data to an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

One of the trendiest types of iPhone today is iPhone 7. There are many advantages offered by iPhone 7. That is why there are many people who are interested in this device. If you buy iPhone 7, you need to transfer your data from your old Smartphone including apps, games, music, contacts, messages, etc. Can you transfer those data to your new iPhone? Of course you can. Below is the tutorial how to transfer data to an iPhone 7.

  1. Download “Move to iOS” App on Your Android

If you want to know how to move data to an iPhone 7, you have to download an app named “Move to iOS”. You should download and install this app on your Android. You can download it easily from app store for free. Make sure that your Smartphone uses Android 4.0 or later so that this app can run on your device.

  1. Transfer Data over Wi-Fi

After this app is completely installed, open and run it and then tap “Continue”. You should understand the terms and conditions you can see. After that, tap “Agree” and it will be continued. Then, choose “Next” on the top right of “Find Your Code” screen. When you move the data, your new iPhone, either it is iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus will make a private network of WI-FI and you can find the close Android device that runs “Move to iOS” app.

  1. Wait for the Code & Use It

This is the next step how to transfer data to an iPhone 7. On your iPhone, you should tap “Continue” and the screen named “Move from Android”. After that, you need to wait for a code with ten digits or six digits. If there is a weak internet connection alert, you must ignore it! Then, enter the code onto your old Android and wait for it until the screen of Transfer Data appears.

  1. Choose the Data & Wait

On your Android, now you have to select the data that you want to move and then tap “Next”. The next step how to migrate data to iPhone 7 is to wait until the process is complete. When it is complete, it will appear the loading bar showing that it is finished. It may take a few minutes depending on the data you move. Usually, people transfer calendars, mail accounts, web bookmarks, videos, photos, message history, and contacts. However, you can also transfer apps, games, etc.

  1. Get Started

After the process of transferring is complete, you can see on your Android and tap “Done” to finish it. After that, on your iPhone 7 please tap “Continue” and follow the steps until finished. Once your data are transferred, now you can get started. Your iPhone 7 iOS is going to set up the default of your mail account.

That is all the steps how to transfer data to an iPhone 7. You can also do this to transfer data to your iPhone 7 plus. It is easy, is not it? However, there is also an alternative way. You can install & run “Mobile Data Transfer”. Connect your both device to your PC and launch Syncios Data Transfer. Click “Start” and it will work. Then, you should click “Flip”. Lastly, press “Start Copy”. That is all.

Description: How to transfer data to an iPhone 7 can be done in 5 steps. Firstly, download and install “Move to iOS” on your android. After that, transfer data over WI-Fi, wait for the code, choose the data, and get started.

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