Rumor: New iPhone 7 Feature “Force Touch”

Rumor about iPhone 7 is getting hotter recently. No one ensure what is it going to be when it is officially released. Curious and so damn excited about the upcoming iPhone make some people can’t hold a speculations of the new iPhone. iPhone 7, iPhone 6s or whatever the name of the new iPhone may have, is now become so mysterious. The specs, appearance, and some other stuffs about what they want to see in the new iPhone 7. One of the most interesting rumor is about the iPhone 7 Force Touch. Wow, really? The new iPhone with Force Touch, how is it going to be? Everyone must be curiously waiting for it. And to help you draw an expectation, we are here sharing an information about that.

What is iPhone 7 Force  Touch

iPhone 7 Force Touch is actually an awaited great news.  It is truly uncontested if Apple really improved the new iPhone with this tech. According a note issued by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a respectable track record at reporting on Apple’s upcoming plans, claims the next-generation iPhone will have a FPC-made capacitive Force Touch Sensor under the backlight, laminated with metal shielding. The change maybe significant enough for Apple to call its next iPhone the “iPhone 7” instead of the so-called “iPhone 6s.” Based on the analyst, the hardware design of Force Touch will be different than the technology used in the Apple Watch and 12-inch Retina MacBook. The new improved Force Touch hardware will monitor the contact area where a finger presses to determine how much pressure is being applied, Instead of directly detecting the pressure applied by fingers. The sensor will use capacitive technology and thin FPC material to save space.

The analyst add that Apple is likely to change the Force Touch hardware design again in 2016 by removing the metal shielding to achieve a thinner form factor. The changes, the analyst notes, should improve the iPhone user experience, but will likely create uncertainty for Force Touch module suppliers TPK and GIS, as well as metal shielding suppliers Minebea, Hi-P and Jabil.

As always happen to the previous released generations of iPhone, the high expectation of new tech and new appearance is the most wanted improvement. Recently there’s a prediction that Apple is still targeting 4.7-inch and 5.5 inch models for its next-generation iPhones, and a 4-inch model seems to be released this year. Just a matter of time until it is officially released, then people will finally get what they really want of the new iPhone. Believe it or not, predictions and speculations may sound as loud as they want but the truth of iPhone 7 or whatever name it may have is only the Apple which can reveal. In consideration of the previous price, it is better for you to prepare you budget for the upcoming iPhone. By its high expected specs, appearance and tech, it is quite reasonable if the price may be higher than the price of the previous series. People, let’s see what are we going to see in the new iPhone, or we may call this as iPhone 7.

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