Photos in iOS 10: How to Find and Use Image Markup

Do you like photo editing? You will be glad with this good news. Apple is expanding the iPhone’s photo editing abilities in iOS 10 with a new feature called “Markup”. This feature lets you doodle, magnify, and place text on any picture you have within the photos app. The Markup flexibility can be used for both casually sharing photos with friends and family, and also to enhance and add detail to an image in an enterprise situation. You can edit any photo you want with this feature before you share it with other people.

This “Markup” feature is also available directly through the Messages app in iOS 10, and it will be added to the roster of inventive and colorful updates coming to text messaging in the new iPhone 7 Plus operating system that is planned to be release this fall. Markup is a bit buried in both locations and somewhat difficult to find. Therefore, we give you the required steps to follow to discover the new photo editing feature in iOS 10.

Finding Image Markup in Photos

Finding Image Markup in Photos
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  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Find the image you want to edit using this Markup feature and then tap on it.
  3. Tap the editing slider button.
  4. While in editing mode, tap the button that looks like an ellipsis within a circle and choose “Markup” from the popup menu.

Finding Image Markup in Messages

Finding Image Markup in Messages

  1. Open messages
  2. Tap the contact to choose the recipient of the photo.
  3. Tap the Camera icon to the left or the iMessage conversation box.
  4. Find the image you want to edit by taking a new picture, scrolling right to browse all your images, or scrolling left to jump into a vertical version of your Photo Library.
  5. Tap on the photo to place it in the conversation box, then tap on it once again within the box.
  6. Tap “Markup” in the bottom left corner.

Using Image Markup

Using Image Markup 1

Start drawing any shape and Markup will recommend a symmetrical version

Editing features of Markup in Photos or Messages are mostly similar, although the former app presents a darker layout, while the latter has a lighter one. to use image Markup, firstly the feature will let you doodle on the chosen picture to edit, with eight different colors and three different stylus thickness options to the right of the color dots.

Within each of three available option, the thickness can be changed by pressing harder or softer as you draw on the photo if you have a device that supports 3D Touch. Markup will intelligently suggest a more true-to-form representation, if you begin free-styling on the photo and draw a recognizable shape, such as a basic circle, oval, square, or even a star. You can also keep your hand-draw option although the suggestions appear.


After you have finish with the first step, next icon, to the right of the doodle feature, is a magnifying glass that can be used to zoom in on any part of a picture it is placed over. After you tapped on it, to enhance the zoom of the magnifying glass you can tap on the small green dot and then scrub it to the right. The circumference of the circle will increase or decrease with the blue dot, while tapping anywhere within the circle will enable you to drag it around on the photo. After you placed a zoom feature, you can tap on any of the color dots to change the border of the magnification circle to match the color, while to alter the boldness of the border can be done by jumping into the thickness menu.

The third option is the last option on the bottom row of the Markup screen. It is a simple text box that lets you type out any message on top of the photo, and you can drag the two blue dots on each side of the box to adjust its size. Just like in magnifying glass, tapping anywhere within the box can be used to drag it, and double tap is useful to add text. The color of the text can be changed by choosing any color from the color dot menu, and a new “aA” option to the right of the color dots allows for new font options, sizes, and indentations.

Markup feature has no direct trash button, therefore if you want to undo a mistake you can use a simple undo button, and this is the major differences between marking up a photo in Photos or in Messages. Marking up a photo in Photos, you will see the reversed arrow at the bottom right of the screen, while in Messages, you will see it at the top left, next to “Cancel” once you start editing the photo. If you want to start over and change a lot about the edits you have made to a photo, it will be faster to tap “Cancel” so that you can jump back into Markup from the beginning.

You can see the biggest different between Markup in these two apps lies in how permanent you want the edits to be. If you want to create a permanent edit, you can do it within Photos so that all changes you have made will remain a permanent addition to each picture within the app, but of course it can be reversed using the “Revert” option in the editing menu of each image. It results different if you edit a photo in Messages because Markup is more transient, the edit will only on the version of the image sent to your contact, the changes are not saved onto the version on your own Photos app.

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