Messages in iOS 10: How to Install and Use Sticker Packs

Messaging in iOS 10 or iPhone 7 can be more fun than usual. The simple Messages app you are familiar with in iOS 10 has transformed from a bare bones texting platform into a fun, interactive communication service that takes advantage of games, apps, drawings, stickers, message effects, and more.

Stickers can be a better way to express one’s feeling than using only words. Following in the footsteps of apps like Facebook and Line, Apple is delving into stickers in a big way, giving iOS users new way of expressing themselves. Like the real thing, Stickers in iOS can be stuck onto messages or images, or users also can send stickers by themselves. Stickers can be resized, rotated, and stuck to other stickers for fun layering effects. Whenever you want to start using stickers in messaging, we give you the information to start with these step by step.

Installing Sticker Packs

Installing Sticker Packs

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Before you start using sticker in messaging, installing Sticker Packs is the first step you need to do. Sticker Packs can be installed as standalone applications through the iMessage App Store or you can also download it as add-ons to full iOS apps, but either way, getting them onto your device can be done by following these steps below:

  1. Open an existing conversation thread in Messages or start a new conversation.
  2. Tap on the App Store icon next to the conversation box and then tap on the four dots to open your app drawer, which houses all installed apps.
  3. Tap the “+” icon to access the iMessage App Store.
  4. In the “Featured” section, tap “Get” or and then “Install” to download a sticker pack, or tap on the purchase price to buy a pack that costs money. Just as in the standard App Store, Password and Touch ID authentication are required.
  5. Tap the “Manage” tab to install sticker packs that are available as iOS add-ons. Installation is done by setting the toggle to on (green), while removing a sticker pack is done by turning the toggle off.
  6. Optional: in the “Manage” tab, toggle on “Automatically Add App” to let all iOS apps that have an iMessage component installin Messages automatically.
  7. End the installation process by clicking “Done”. The newly installed sticker pack is now available and ready. You can access it by opening the app drawer or swiping left or right through your installed apps.

Sticker Basics

Sticker Basics

Whenever we want to add any sticker to messages, we just need to open and choose from the available sticker options. Just like emoji, stickers are displayed in place of the iOS keyboard so that it is easy to access. No complication in sending sticker to someone, it is as simple as tapping it, which puts it in the message field. From there, you just need to tap the up arrow to send a sticker. It is very easy and simple, just like sending a standard text message or an emoji. You can send a sticker or add it in a message you want to send.

Layering, Resizing, and Rotating Stickers

Layering, Resizing, and Rotating Stickers

Besides you can express yourself by adding stickers into your messages, you can do something else with stickers. The other thing you can do with stickers is that they can be layered over incoming text messages, photos, GIFs, or other stickers to show your reaction to content your friends send you. if you want to do this, you must place the stickers in an incoming chat bubble of some sort and can’t be placed randomly in the messages field, and stickers can only be added to other stickers after the first sticker has been sent, so you are not able to layer multiple stickers together when composing a message. These steps below will help you create layered stickers:

  1. Navigate to choose the sticker you want to use.
  2. Select a sticker you want to use. Instead of tapping it, you can move the sticker to the message window by placing a finger on the sticker and dragging it.
  3. Drag and drop the sticker to where you want to place the stickers on a message bubble, photo or existing sticker.

You can put as many as stickers as you like to make layered stickers on a photo or an existing sticker, so you and your friends can take turns embellishing photos and creating sticker collages. You can also add stickers from different sticker packs to be mixed together in one field just by swiping between packs to change stickers.

rotated and resized stickers

If you want a certain sized sticker, you can also resize the stickers to the size as you want to have and even rotate it before they are places so that you can put sticker with a size and position as you wish. This feature usually mostly useful if you want to accent a photo. Resizing the stickers is very simple, as you drag them up to the messages field to place them somewhere, you can make it bigger or smaller by adding another finger to the screen and use pinch gesture to expand or contract them. While rotating stickers is also can be done in the same way. As you hold a sticker, before you placed it, you can use two fingers to twist it around so that the orientation is changed. One thing you should remember, if you release your finger when rotating or resizing the stickers, it means the changes you have made will also release as you release the sticker.

Managing and Deleting Stickers

deleting stickers

You can manage the stickers by using several gestures. You can change the display of a sticker into full screen just by a single tap on it, just like a 3D Touch press on the iPhone 6s and later. You can bring up your message reaction menu and a set of management option by using a long press on a sticker. This menu tells you where a sticker is from so if you want to get it you can download the sticker pack from the iMessage App Store if it is not already installed, and it has tools for deleting layered stickers. These are the steps to follow if you want to delete:

  1. Long press on a layered sticker or a sticker that has been placed on an incoming message or photo.
  2. Choose the “Sticker Detail” option to see all stickers that have been placed on a particular photo, message, or initial sticker.
  3. Swipe to the left on the sticker to choose any sticker you want to delete and then tap the “Delete” button.
  4. The deleted sticker is removed from your device and from the device of the person you were communicating with and you are now free to add additional stickers.

Sticker Compatibility

Stickers are only going to display appropriately if you send it to someone who uses a device running iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. Therefore, if you send it to a friend who is using Android device or older version of iOS, the sticker won’t work quite the same. The display of stickers you sent to these device is like an image or GIF might be displayed and all layering is ignored.

You can create a sticker packs using Xcode although you don’t have coding experience, so sticker packs are not only coming out from developers, an artist also can create them, too. With this possibility, let’s hope that we will see hundreds of sticker packs available in the near future in addition to the built-in Hearts, Smileys, Hands, and Classic Mac stickers made available by Apple.

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