How to Maintain iPhone 7 plus in 4 Steps

iPhone 7 plus is one of the newest types of iPhone. So, there are many people who are interested in this Smartphone. If you buy this, you have to keep and maintain it as well as possible because it is very valuable. By maintaining it well, this iPhone will be much more durable and you can enjoy it longer. Therefore, in this article, I will share the tutorial how to maintain iPhone 7 plus.

Apply a Case and Screen Protector

The first tip to keep your iPhone 7 plus is by protecting it using a case as well as screen protector. Actually, this comes with iOS where it has the best quality of scratch resistant screen. However, it will be much better for you to still apply a case and also screen protector, especially if your kids can access this device. So, you should not worry if it falls down on the floor or damaged by collision.

Activate Passcode Lock Function

Besides maintaining the outside parts, you also need to protect the content. Therefore, activating Passcode Lock Function becomes one of the best ways how to protect iPhone 7 plus. So, anyone else will not be able to access your iPhone 7 plus they do not know the passcode. To activate it, you could go to “Settings” and then choose “Touch ID & Passcode. You can set your own Touch ID and password. Make sure that it is easy to remember but only you who know it.

Use iPhone 7 plus “Find My iPhone” App

On your iPhone 7 plus, you will have a useful app named “Find My iPhone”. It can be considered as one of the most useful apps because it can help you to find your iPhone if you lose it. It will be very helpful to locate your missing iPhone on a map, or play a sound, and put it in Lost Mode even can erase data on your iPhone. If you are interested in this app, you can download it for free on App Store.

Backup iPhone 7 plus Regularly

The next step how to maintain iPhone 7 plus is to backup this device regularly. It is very useful to protect and keep the data if there is something unexpected such as any problem like failed upgrade of iOS and mistaken deletion. By backing it up, you can get back the contents that are lost such as contacts, photos, messages, and other important contents.

Backing up iPhone 7 can be done with 3 ways. The first is using iTunes. It becomes one of the most recommended ways how to keep iPhone 7 plus. In this case, you have to download the newest version of this app. After downloading and installing it, open and choose “Plug in your iPhone 7 plus”. Then, click on the “Device tab”. After that, you should tap “Choose This Computer on Backup column. Lastly, click “Back up Now”! It is easy, is not it?

Besides that, you can also backup iPhone 7 plus using iCloud. In this idea, you have to connect this device to a Wi-Fi network and then go to “Settings” menu. After that, choose “iCloud”, tap “Storage & Backup”. Lastly, click “Back up Now”! Another way is to backup iPhone 7 plus using AnyTrans. It functions to transfer more than 20 types of contents to PC/Mac computer such as contacts, messages, videos, photos, music, etc. You can also see the files anytime you want.

That is all the steps and tips that you need to follow if you want to maintain your iPhone 7 plus well. By maintaining it, it prevents anything unexpected related to ether exterior or contents. Therefore, if you buy this new device, you need to follow the tutorials how to maintain iPhone 7 plus above.

Description: How to maintain iPhone 7 plus can be done by applying a case & screen protector, activating Passcode Lock Function, using “Find My iPhone” app, and backing up regularly.

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