iPhone 8 Rumors: Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are an iPhone lover, you should be ready to welcome the new iPhone version in this year. Even though the name is not released yet, we believe that the new version of iPhone will be named with iPhone 8. Because it is not released yet, the specs and features are still unknown. However, people believe that this will come with many improvements compared to the latest version, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Therefore, it is very interesting to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages. For more information about this new iPhone you can visit iPhone 8 manual web pages.

The Best Smartphone in 2017

What is the best Smartphone in this year? This question will not be difficult to answer when the next generation of iPhone is released. Based on the rumors spread, people believe that this iPhone will be the best Smartphone in 2017. So, buying this iPhone will be a great pride for everyone. Now, we should wait and hope that Apple will not disappoint the buyers because there are many people who expect high specs and features for the new iPhone in this year.

iPhone 8 concept

image source: macrumors.com

Water Resistant

2017 iPhone 8 will come with very stylish design. That is what we hear from many trusted rumors. Based on the rumors, this iPhone will be designed with great body made from fully metal. It is not only stylish but also water resistant. So, you should not worry if your iPhone falls down into the water because it will not be broken. Anyway, the water resistant design can be considered as one of the most useful offers from this iPhone.

Wide Screen

Nowadays, people like Smartphone with wide screen. This iPhone also meets your need. In fact, it will come with wide screen even though the screen size is still unknown. There are different rumors about it. Some rumors tell that it will have 5.2 inch screen. There are also some rumors which say that it will come with 5.5 inch screen. Even more, some other rumors believe that the screen size of this new iPhone will be more than 6 inches. Anyway, the wide screen will make you enjoyable and comfortable to use it. You can play games, watch YouTube, and do other activities on this 2017 Apple iPhone 8 more enjoyably.

Finger Print Security

Everyone needs to keep the security of his or her own device or mobile phone. If you buy this new iPhone, you should not worry because it will be featured with finger print as the security. Today, finger print can be considered as the best device security. That is why this iPhone does not want to be behind the other types of Smartphone. The finger print security can be used to unlock your iPhone. So, you do not need to worry that your iPhone will be hacked by someone else.

Powerful Performance

What you will do with iPhone 8? People usually use their Smartphone for chatting, searching, and other common activities with Smartphone. However, sometimes you need a powerful Smartphone if you like heavy duty tasks. With this iPhone, you can play games freely. The spacious RAM and high processor are really useful. Besides that, you can also search on internet fast because it comes with 4G LTE. In fact, searching becomes one of the most common activities on Smartphone. And there are still many other activities done with this future iPhone. So, you should thank to its powerful performance.

Fast Charging

One of the disadvantages of Smartphone is the battery that drains fast. So, you need to charge the battery soon. Of course this is very annoying. However, you will not feel annoyed because this new iPhone will come with high capacity battery. So, the battery will be durable and last longer. Even more, this new iPhone will also be featured with fast charging. This feature can be considered as one of the best iPhone 8 benefits because you can charge the battery fast. It means you can enjoy using your iPhone longer and more often.

Non-Removable Battery

After knowing the advantages of the next generation of iPhone, it is fair that we also discuss about the disadvantages. Based on the rumors, this iPhone will come with non-removable battery. Actually, non-removable battery is more durable than removable battery. However, with non-removable battery you cannot check the problem by remove the battery if there is problem happens to the battery or other parts. Besides that, if the battery is broken, you cannot also replace it. So, you have to care for your iPhone so that it will not be broken.

Does Not Support MicroSD

As we know, microSD is very useful. It is an external memory that you can insert onto your Smartphone. If you think that your Smartphone needs the bigger memory, you can insert microSD. Different types of Smartphone support different capacities of microSD. Even more, some types of Smartphone do not support microSD including this iPhone. So, if you want to add the memory, you have to forget it. You can only use the internal memory to save the files. Of course it becomes disadvantage. However, you should not worry because its internal memory has big capacity.

High Price

As long as the release date of the next generation of iPhone is still unknown, the price is also still unknown. So, it is difficult to guess or predict the estimated price. However, iPhone is well known with the high price. So, many people sure that this future iPhone will also be priced expensively. Meanwhile, this rumor does not make people lose their interests. So, if you are also interested in it, you should prepare much money from now.

Not Released Yet

iPhone 8 becomes the most awaited types of Smartphone in the year of 2017. Unfortunately, it is not released yet. It makes many people more curious about this new iPhone. Anyway, the rumors above can give images about the next generation of iPhone. So, you know the advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully this will be a good and useful reference.

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