iPhone 7 Memory Rumors

iPhone series has been the most wanted smartphone ever. The pride of holding iPhone is another reason for hunting this smartphone since the first date release. It happens to every new iPhone release. Now, we are in the middle of speculations and hopes. Hopefully our hope is not hopeless. So many rumors and expectations are flowing out there about what it is going to be in the new iPhone 7. And one of the most wanted of the new iPhone 7 is its upgrade on its memory. The rumor says the new iPhone 7 memory is designed as multitasking monsters with 2 GB RAM boost. It’s a great news to make it a super smartphone.

iPhone 7 Memory Size Rumors

As we know, the previous generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were released with 1 GB RAM while the Air 2 tablet was packed with 2GB. Is it important for us to have an upgrade RAM? Oh that’s quite a silly question with this ensured answer: YES! Very much important. When you are using iPhone and make it for multitasking, then the upgraded RAM will make so much difference. The first difference you may find in the upgraded iPhone 7 memory is that the upgraded RAM (2 GB) will cost more expensive. The second difference is when you are using your iPhone for multitasking. Anything that you are going to use on your iPhone has to be loaded onto the RAM first. This is why the new iPhone with the upgraded RAM will run so much better. With the new 2 GB RAM, all your active apps such as the background apps, the launcher, the operating system tasks, music player, etc will need extra amount of RAM storage. Your phone will collapse for changing from one app to the other apps if its RAM is only 1 GB. For example, you have 400 MB of free RAM and you’re trying to open an app that requires 450 MB, the last used app that was running in the background (the app with the least priority) is automatically terminated by the OS. This could, in some cases, result in the loss of data, such as game progress. But once again, it won’t happen in the new iPhone if it really come with this huge space of RAM: 2 GB.

After all, the new iPhone 7 memory 2 GB RAM is truly a great news for users who usually use iPhone for opening more than 1 app at the same time. When it is not running multitasking, you will feel the difference of the new 2 GB RAM of iPhone 7 when you open an app and the app is loaded much faster than the one with 1 GB RAM. Well, let’s hope that the upcoming iPhone 7 is really coming with all expected big news. Users in all over the world are waiting curiously for what will we see in the next generation of the iPhone and everything alongside within this phone in really a matter of time.

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