iPhone 7 Camera Specs

Among all rumors about iPhone 7 recently, iPhone 7 Camera Specs is the most interesting one for me. It is the most significant part of a smartphone, in which we can differentiate the quality of a smartphone. I love catching moment using camera. That’s why it becomes very important to see a smartphone by its camera specs.

iPhone 7 Camera Specs rumors told us that the new iPhone 7 should come with a big changes on its camera. Possibly it will come true based on some leaks, those the new iPhone will come up with some something new with its front facing camera. Its predecessors iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus camera only capture video in 720p. Even it doesn’t support shooting slow motion video on panoramic photos. There’s no flash on the front facing camera either, so it makes some big differences between the result picture of back facing camera and front facing camera.

Possibly it is not so surprisingly that the appearance of iPhone 7 is not so different with its predecessors, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But of course it is highly expected that every new released iPhone brings big changes and improvements of their features and abilities. Camera is one of these expected improvements. Based on some codes published by Sood, the new iPhone will have big changes on its camera especially front facing camera. These changes may be in the front facing camera torch supported, slow motion video supported, flash supported, and panorama supported. Maybe there are more other changes than these mentioned ones, but we have to wait until it is uncovered officially on its releasing date. Be ready for the surprisingly changes on whatever part of new iPhone 7. More than that, be ready for being the first person to have it when it is officially released.  

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