Future iPhone 8: What Will It Offer?

iPhone always improves their specs and features to make this smartphone leading other rivals. So far, this Apple smartphone still becomes the best choice for today’s smartphone. However, Apple will not stop improving their smartphone. Every year, many improvements will be offered. So, we can imagine how amazing it is in the future. Maybe, everything is still unclear. However, there are so many rumors about Apple iPhone in the future related to its future design, specs, features, software, etc. So, it will be very interesting to take a peek about what iPhone will offers in the future.

5G Internet Network Connection

So far, the highest internet connection is 4G LTE. It has been available on some smartphones including Apple iPhone, iPad, and some android smartphones. However, if the faster internet network connection is introduced, I am sure that iPhone will be the first smartphone that comes with it. In the future, there will be 5G internet network connections. Apple has prepared to apply this internet network to their future smartphone. So, you can expect that the future iPhone will come with super-fast internet network connection.

Is 5G internet connection is just still a plan? Now, Apple is trying to carry this super-fast internet network connection as soon as possible to their smartphone. They will test this tech in 2 different locations in California and the United States of America, especially in Cupertino and Milpitas. Based on the rumors, they will test this 5G internet network connection within one year later. So, we hope that we can use an iPhone with 5G internet network connection in the 2 next generations. With that super-fast network, accessing internet will be very amazing.

Foldable Screen Design

So far, Apple has never changed the design of iPhone. They only sometimes change the size of the screen. However, to make iPhone more interesting, Apple will offer the new design of screen in the future. Based on the rumor, iPhone will come with OLED screen. This screen is flexible that allows you to fold it. It may similar to flip phone design in the past. The difference is that iPhone will have whole OLED screen, not screen and buttons. So, it will be much more attractive.

This device can be managed to save different components on the 2 folded areas. For example, you can set the camera module, screen brightness, and light sensor on the top screen whereas the bottom screen is for processor unit, microphone, mobile vibration, and other hardware components. The foldable screen design allows you to bring it more easily. You can put it on your pocket, wallet, or bag. So, when you do not use your iPhone, fold it to protect the screen. Anyway, this iPhone design will be awaited so much. Hopefully, iPhone users will soon be able to enjoy this.

Wi-Fi Charging Tech

Apple smartphone like iPhone is well known with the durable or long life battery. So, the users do not need to recharge the battery too often. However, it is not enough. Apple wants more than durable battery or even quick charging. Now, Apple is planning to introduce a new tech related to charging named “Wi-Fi Charging”. This feature allows the users recharge the battery via Wi-Fi connection. So, when the users access internet via Wi-Fi, they will not only be connected to W-Fi network but it also recharges the battery wirelessly at the same time.

That is the future tech planned by Apple. This tech can transfer power in different wireless networks such as cellular network from 700 MHz to 2,700 MHz and Wi-Fi from 2.5 GHz to 5 GHz. Theoretically, this tech is called as “Wireless Charging and Communications System with Dual Frequency Path Antennas”. It can transfer energy or power from Wi-Fi router to satellite. This Wi-Fi Charging tech was submitted in October 2015. Now, it is still being tested before officially released. So, we as the iPhone users should be patient to wait for this future tech.

iPhone Future Camera

So far, there is no smartphone that can capture objects better than DSLR or at least has the same quality. Even though there are many smartphones that are equipped with high quality camera, the quality is still lower than DSLR camera. Nowadays, we can see that iPhone 7 Plus is the best smartphone with highest quality camera. It can be seen from iPhone features related to camera such as optical zoom and double lenses. That is why Apple will improve the camera quality to make it perfect. One of the plans is to apply AI for the camera. So, professional photographers will be able to do their jobs using iPhone only. Of course, it will be much more exciting.

Besides that, Apple will also meet the need of selfies. As we know, selfie becomes a trend and this trend will always increase day from day. To make the users more satisfied when taking selfies using iPhone, Apple planes to add the camera features especially in photo editing. Besides that, Apple will also improve the quality of front camera so that the result will be much clearer. And there are still many other techs that will be offered by Apple to make iPhone much more exciting for taking selfies. Of course, it becomes good news for you who prioritize camera quality when buying smartphone.

Glowing Cable

Apple has spent years in electronic business until they find that there are some customers who are not satisfied with the connector and cable. To solve this problem, Apple will offer an iPhone that comes with redesigned connector and cable. With this new tech of glowing cable, the cable can be seen in the dark. Of course it will be very useful and helpful. This system will use one or more LED lamps to bring the visual information to the users and gives the signal in various light colors, pulses colors, etc.

The LED system will work on Thunderbolt, Lighting, USB-C and other kinds of connector available on Apple device such as HDMI or DisplayPort on Macs. Of course, it will be a very sophisticated tech offered by future iPhone. With this future tech, you can charge the battery in the dark easily. Besides that, you will also get some information from the LED lamps applied. Therefore, we as iPhone users can expect that this tech will be introduced as soon as possible.

iPhone Functioning as a Laptop

In the future, you will be able to use iPhone for ether mobile device or MacBook. That is what Apple says about the future design of their smartphone. They say that Apple iPhone will be designed to look like MacBook with aluminum construction. So, the size of iPhone may be increased. However, it will not be too big. For the fixed screen size, Apple is still silent about it. This plan has been spread years ago. However, the there is no vendor that is as serious as Apple to realize this plan. So, we should support Apple to realize it.

In the future, iPhone will come with CPU and also dock. Apple will not only offer the bigger or larger screen for iPhone, but they will also offer GPU, additional connectivity choices, expanded battery, and there are still many others. Basically, the idea is that the users can change an iPhone into a laptop anytime they need. So, people only need to buy one device to be able to enjoy both mobile device and laptop. Of course, it is very useful because it saves money rather than you buy both smartphone and laptop.

Amazing 4K Screen

So far long, Apple iPhone becomes a smartphone that comes with great graphics where Apple depends on GPU Imagination Tech PowerVR. Of course, the customers’ demand is always increased. So, Apple will also always improve the tech especially related to the graphic. Even though it is still a rumor, iPhone will come with more luxurious screen. Apple plans that iPhone will come with 4K screen. Of course, the display quality will be much more interesting.

This tech is called as “PowerVR Furian”. It will increase the performance up to 90 percent for real world gaming. For the shade, it will improve up to 35 percent. For the Fill Rate, it will also be improved up to 80 percent. The question is, will it take high power? Of course, they have planned to anticipate this. So, you do not need to worry about it. If 4K screen really comes true on iPhone smartphone, of course it will lead other smartphones farther.

Technology will always be more and more sophisticated. So, Apple iPhone as the best smartphone will always improve their techs, too. Those future techs and features may not be launched next year and at the same time. However, it can be the images how Apple iPhone will be in the future. Considering plans, we will find that iPhone will still be the best in the smartphone world. So, you should be proud of being iPhone users. To learn more about this new phone please visit iPhone 8 Tutorial

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