How to Edit Memories in Photos in iOS 10

Photos or videos collections are very important for us. Photos or videos can be the proof of what is important to us, these are also part of our legacy. Photos and videos are also a good media to share and communicate with others because photos and videos are complex language that can be more meaningful than just words. Because of these reasons, Apple really care about how to help you arrange your memories. We can find that within the new Photos app in iOS 10, there is a tab called “Memories,” which curates various photos and videos you have taken in the past into specific memory collections. Actually, without any steps required on your part, Memories gives you an automatic homemade movie from these part family gatherings or vacations. Now with this few editing tools, you can do more with your old memories, you can also tweak each memory to your liking.

If you want to take advantages of the editing tools, you just need to navigate to Photos to find the new “Memories” tab in the center of the app, where you can scroll through your personally curated list of memories and choose whichever one you wish to edit and share. You will find within each detailed memory view, there will be a list of all photos and videos contained in the memory where you can tap “show all” to see more than a summary, the geographic location the pictures were taken, nearby photos, and related memories you might be interest in.


Some examples of Memories in the iOS 10 Photos app

All information about your photos and videos collection allows you to decide what you need to do with the memories. From the last two options at the very bottom let you to add to your favorite memory or even delete it permanently from your memory. When you use “Select” option, it may seem like the select option is just an option to remove photos only from this memory. In fact, the selected photos or videos are not only removed from this memory, but also from your iPhone and iCloud Photo Library as well. Therefore, you need to be aware of this fact so that you don’t select and remove any photos or videos carelessly. On the other side, if you want to delete photos or videos only from the memory as well as add more, learn the instructions for “Complex memory editing” below to discover how to do so.

Simple Memory Editing

Now, let’s start with the simple memory editing. There is a rich of customization features offered once you actually begin viewing your memories, which are explained in the steps below:


  1. Tap on the carousel at the top of the memory’s page to play it.
  2. Photos will begin playing the memory, so tap anywhere on the screen to bring up editing controls and tap the pause button.
  3. Choose the emotional theme to assign to your memory, like “Happy” or “Epic,” by scrolling through the topmost editing tool.
  4. After deciding your theme, choose a short (~20 seconds), medium (~40 seconds), or long (~1 minute) video length. You may see only two, or even one, of these options, depending on the breadth of media Apple has included in your memory.
  5. If the memory is now to your liking, you can tap the Share extension in the bottom left corner to show your memory to friends and family via email, text message, AirPlay, Facebook, and more.

That’s all what you need for simple memory editing. Although it is a simple memory editing, but you can do something awesome with this editing tools.

Complex Memory Editing

Do you think this complex memory editing is more complicated that the simple ones? Possibly. Memories allow for even more in-depth customization tools for anyone who truly wants to personalize each photo and video collection for any reason. In this complex memory editing, there are a few interesting tools that let you tweak each memory. Here we only want to give information related with the potentially most common question surrounding memories. Here we will tell you how to add and remove photos from each collection in the following steps below:


  1. When looking at the basic editing screen (with the emotion and length toggles), tap the editing slider button in the bottom right corner of the screen, and then tap “Photos & Videos.”
  2. To delete a piece of media, find the photo or video in question by scrolling through the selector at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Simply tap the trash can icon at the bottom right of the menu to remove the image or video from this memory.
  4. To add a piece of media, tap the “+” icon at the bottom left of the menu.
  5. Here you’ll see every item potentially available for inclusion in this memory, as curated by Apple.
  6. Tap any non-selected media to add it into the memory (you can also use this screen to remove content by deselecting its check mark).
  7. Once you are finish, tap done.

Actually, complex memory editing is not about how to add and remove photos or videos. You can even edit any video in this section of the app by swiping through to find the desired video in the “Photos & Videos” menu, and then you can use the yellow toggle slider at the top of the screen to expand or shorten each clip. You can do whatever you want to the video using the available menus. If you think you have done enough touching up the memory, you can tap the back arrow anytime you want to return to the main edit screen.

Video is not the only media you can edit here. In this section of Photos, you can also make some personalization to the memory. You can use the tools to edit the title, duration, and even soundtrack of each memory. Especially for soundtrack, the additional song cues can be downloaded, and the good news is the app supports any song you have downloaded in your iTunes music library in order to add a bit more of a personalized flair. Every alteration you have made to the memory can be officially saved by tapping “Done” so that you can travel back to the basic editing menu with the emotional themes and length toggles. Whenever you want, you can share and spread your new memory to a wider audience by using the Share extension. You’re going to make something special with each memory with all of this editing tools.

It is not perfect yet, since we can find what it cannot do and some limitations are placed in customizing memories, including the lack of support for streaming tracks from Apple Music. But it doesn’t mean this is not good enough. Otherwise, Apple’s automatic algorithm of putting together interesting slideshow of old photos and videos is mostly a simple, hassle-free experience, since the work is taken off of the user. There are still so many things you can do with your precious photos and videos. Especially when you can make some changes to the memory without deleting any precious photos or videos. One more thing you need to know, although not entirely clear, new memories show up in the Photos app every few-days, curating new collections for you to peruse and share, and even ranking all events during certain term of time like “Best of Last 3 Months” or “Best of the Year.” But the most important part of all these good stuffs is, you can make changes to all of these anytime you want with this editing tools.

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  1. I need to know why my customized edits are not saved to the Memories video I’m working on. I have lots of wedding footage, all video, shot with the same iPhone 7 that I’m using to compile a 6 minute video montage. I am using the toggle editing bar at the top of each selected video to choose what part of it I want to use but the edits I’m making are not saved automatically and I can’t figure out what to do to save them manually. I’ve tried everything I can think of but often the Memories program defaults to the original part of each clip that it chose to start with. Also, even though I’m working within the custom format it won’t let me set the length of time I want for the final. I’ve had the 6 minute video I want one minute and the then when I hit play I’m back with the 3 min, 11 seconds it has decided on. Don’t know why. Can you help?

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