Another 25 Awesome iOS 10 Features

You know what has been popular lately? Yes, it’s none other than the newest apple product – the iOS 10. Apple’s product is always waited by many, not only by the apple fans but also, other people as well – curious what kind of innovation Apple will come up with. Thanks to its features, Apple iOS 10 is going strong. You think you’ve got it all figured out when it comes to Apple… well, are you sure you really do know? Check out these 25 secret Apple iOS 10 features not many people know about – well, are  you one of the few who know about these features? Let’s get on with it.

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Apple Maps

Apple Maps have these awesome features that make everything easier, aside from pointing you your destination. This is pretty similar to Google Maps except it’s only available for iOS.

Find My Car: with this feature, it won’t be a hassle searching for a place you’ve stopped before because Siri automatically detects it.

Avoid Tolls: this feature lets you avoid toll roads since you can choose several routes that comes in handy the most for you.

Location Suggestions: this feature is similar to the one in Google Maps, well, it’s a catch-up to Google Calendar. So, when you enter a calendar event, Apple Maps will offer you location suggestions related to the event on your calendar.

Apps as a Whole

Shortcut: 3D Touch on the application supports widgets and so you will get a preview of the widget and there is also an option to add it without much hassle and also the usual 3D Touch shortcuts are available as well.

Prioritize App Installs: sometimes, you need to install several apps at once because well, you need it or you just want to test it out before anything. But often times, it happened not in the right order or somehow along the way, you need to install this certain app faster than the other ones. Don’t you worry because this secret feature allows you to prioritize a certain download by using 3D Touch to long press on any app that was waiting to be downloaded on the homescreen and there will a ‘Prioritize Download’ option. It saves you more time and you can use the app quicker!

Hide Unwanted Apps: unwanted apps can be a hindrance, really. You know, those who came along with the iOS like Stocks and Compass that can’t be deleted? Well, now – thankfully – Apple iOS 10 lets us do  it! The procedure is the same like the third party apps, just press the app and hold until there is this ‘X’ symbol. Press it and it will be gone! If you need it again, you can go to the settings to retrieve it. That way, it saves more space.

Apple Music

Optimized Storage: the kind of music we listened to change often. You find a new music, get a new playlist and you get bored of the music you listened to previously. Since it changes so often, you music storage will be filled with mostly songs you don’t really listen to anymore and that can be a nuisance. Apple Music now allows you to automatically delete songs you haven’t listened anymore after predefined period. And no, even though it’sgone, you can always download it back on settings > music > downloads. Isn’t that awesome?

Smart Downloads: who likes listening offline? This feature lets you listen to songs offline with less trouble. First of all, go to Settings > Music > Downloads and switch the ‘Automatic Download’ to on and from then on, you can quickly download any album by tapping ‘+Add’ button. Now you can listen to your favorite music even without internet! Music highlights our life, don’t you think so?


This feature lets you listen to music even if you are snapping a picture. Sometimes it can be annoying when you are snapping a pic when listening to music because the music keeps getting interrupted which makes us unable to enjoy and you know that taking pictures are addictive, especially selfie. And who knows, since Apple has stopped automatically stopping any music when opening the app, you might feel more excited or happy and the results of your selfies will be more satisfying. Still, when taking a Live Photo or video, the music will stop.


Aside from alarm, you will find a new tab called ‘Bedtime’ which function to define the usual times you go to bed, wake up, and the length of sleep you prefer. You will get reminders and you can see the track of your sleeping habits in the Health app.

‘Close All’ Shortcuts

Safari – Close All Tabs: Now, you can save more time since you can erase all the browser tabs all at once on both iPads and iPhone – though iPhone will require an extra step by having to open Tab View then long press on ‘Done’ to create the option while iPad can be done with a long press on the Tab View Button that will come up with close all tabs options.

Notifications – Close All: Sick of the tiny ‘x’ on each notification? In iOS 10 you can remove them all at once with a 3D Touch iPhone. Just use a harder press on the X at the top of the list and you will get a ‘Clear All’ option. A really useful feature hidden behind the glamour or ‘Rich Notifications’.

Have you ever felt sick of the small ‘x’ on every notification you receive? iOS 10 solved the problem because you can remove them all with a 3D Touch iPhone (3D Touch helps us a lot!). Just press the X at the top of the list and there will be a ‘Clear All’ option. It’s a very useful feature!

Control Center

Quick Timer Options: by bringing up the Control Center, people with 3D Touch enabled iPhones can use a harder press to bring up 1, 5, 20 and one hour instant timer options.

Calculator Memory: again, 3D Touch makes everything easier. By 3D touching the calculator icon in the control center, you can copy in the answer to your last calculation.

Similar to the Camera icon on the homescreen, 3D Touch options have been increased by bringing up specific shooting modes for the camera icon which is located in the Control Center.

Music & Home Hidden: The control center in the iOS is different from the previous versions – and one of the changes that can be seen is there is no music controls on its mainscreen. If you want to access that, you must swipe left the control  center twice before getting the shortcut to the Home App.

Flashlight Tweaks: The flashlight is different from the ones we see usually. The flashlight can radiate low brightness, medium or high brightness. It depends on the pressure you are giving.


Read Receipts: iOS 10 users will be able to request notifications about whether their messages have been read or not by other iMessage users.

Image Search: If you were chatting and you want to search something like images, you just need to press on the App Store icon and you can just swipe on to an images site for any picture you want.

Save Data: to save data, you can use go to Settings > Messages > Enable Low Quality Image Mode. So you will still be able to see pictures sent to you as well as saving data!


Hello hird Party Apps: you know the feature in iOS when you highlight a word then the word ‘define’ appears? Well, if you look closely, it has been replaced by the words ‘Look Up’ and the options to search for it will appear from Wikipedia to app store. The third party app is supported as well.

Unlock – Old School

Restore Touch to Unlock: iOS 10 requires users to physically press the home button to unlock their devices, rather than just make contact for the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. If you don’t like this go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and enable: ‘Rest Finger to Open’ to get the old method back.

iOS 10 has changed the unlock feature. Instead of just letting your finger rests on the home button to unlock your iPhone, you must physically press the home button. Well, some people might like this new feature, some probably won’t. For those who don’t, you can change it by Settings > General > Accessbility > Home Button and enable’Rest Finger to Open’ – and the method will change back to its previous way.

So, what do you think of these secret Apple iOS 10 features? Do you know some of them? Or instead, you don’t know any of it? The 3D Touch does help a lot to make the device handy to use and the 3D Touch is only available to those who have iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Apple is trying to make the product popular again knowing the flat response during her concert (if I’m not mistaken) the marketing of the previous products. Are you interested to have the newest Apple’s iPhone.

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