28 Great iOS 10 Features Everyone Should Know

Apple is back on the market with a brand new product – yes, iOS 10, I am looking at you. Who’s excited? For the past few months, Apple’s previous iOS is pretty much the same but it certainly won’t be the same with iOS 10. So, fear no more! These are the 28 great iOS 10 features that not many people know about so take a look and tell me what you think – who knows, probably iPhone iOS 10 is going to be your future phone!



First of all, before anything else, let’s talk about the most basic of all – the system of iOS 10. The changes and improvements of the system can be seen on this iOS 10.

  1. You can change your lock screen behavior in iOS 10. It means you can change it back to normal if you don’t like the current lock screen behavior. If you don’t know it, the current lock screen needs to be pressed if you want to unlock it. If you dislike this new feature, you can just change it back.
  2. Get rid of your unimportant notifications that seemed to cover your notification alert. It gets pretty full but it’s no longer a problem when you have an iOS 10 – just press the ‘X’ on your notification screen and the alert to delete your notifications will appear.
  3. Not only the screen brightness that can be changed, now the flashlight can do that too! Well, you can use it depending on the situation. When you don’t want to wake up someone but need to find something, you can go with low brightness flashlight and so on. There are three kinds of brightness available on the iOS 10 – low brightness, medium brightness, and lastly, bright light.
  4. Now, your iPhone can also work as a magnifying glass. You won’t need magnifying glass on daily basis but who knows when you might need that right? The Accessibility options now offer Magnifier setting which allows your iPhone camera to have these amazing features: super zoom, flashlight brightness, and contrast filter and more – I’d say this is more than magnifying glass!


Chats and messages are essential – especially if you are a teen. You know, you need to be up to date with the latest gossip and such or you need to stay in touch with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Chats are also important even if you were an adult for working purposes. After all, messages are easy to send and it costs less than talking over the phone so it’s very practical. iOS 10, knowing that, made more improvements on the message feature, check it out down below!

  1. You can make the sticker bigger or smaller by zooming the sticker for bigger size and vice versa. It’s up to you regarding the size of your sticker!
  2. This certain feature is more of a troll than a great feature… well, actually since pranking people can be fun, it’s still a great feature. This feature allows you to place stickers on almost anything – it can be images, emoji… it’s a great way to have some fun with your friends through chat.
  3. If you want to separate files into groups, for example the GIFs and ZIPs, you can just tap the Info button in a Message Conversation and all you need to do is scroll down. You will find everything in the order; your pictures and attachments are categorized into two different groups.
  4. If you want people to know that you’ve read their messages, you can use the Send Read Receipts button that is hidden behind the Info Button in the chat message. Oh and also, this iOS 10 will give you notification if people have read your messages.
  5. You can also save your mobile data or bandwidth by lowering your image quality by turning on the Low Quality Image which comes in handy – especially if you were the type of a person who likes sending pictures to one another.


Who doesn’t know Siri? The famous computer-voiced program that can answer your questions and keep on messing the words you say? Well, there are changes and improvements you can see on this new program!

  1. Have you ever tried talking with Siri? Siri is kind of messed up, right? For instance, when you say “I want a ham sandwich”, Siri mistook it as “I want a hammer witch”. A far cry from what you’ve said and it can be really, really frustrating yet funny at the same time. Apple seemed to realize this and decided to make everything easier by allowing you to tap on what you’ve said to Siri intercom and there will be suggestions you can choose instead of typing it out manually. This will help Siri to understand your voice better.
  2. Selfie is an obligatory thing to do on daily basis nowadays – especially for girls. Ask Siri to take a selfie and you’ll end up with the front-facing camera.


These days, you don’t really need GPS anymore. Just open your phone and there you go, your phone will guide you to your destination through application such as Apple Maps. Let’s see how the Maps have changed in iOS 10.

  1. Are you the kind of a person who constantly forget things? If your car has Bluetooth or Carplay, Maps will automatically display information regarding your car – when you last turned it off, space for notes, photo of your garage level, and so on. Aside from the Maps, Siri will be able to answer it as well, providing you specific location including the direction to it.
  2. Using public transportation is not a problem. If you want your Maps to ignore routes you never take, just customize the transit to ignore those.
  3. In this modern era, we are constantly updating our whereabouts and locations on social media. Keeping yourself up to date won’t be a problem with the iOS 10. You can send your friends where you are with lightning speed by pressing firmly on the Maps icon to trigger 3D touch. There is another way: you can always tap on your GPS locator inside Maps itself.


Mail is one of the things you will need, especially when you are already working. The change will definitely help you work better.

  1. You can now sort your inbox to the used mailboxes you use often. You just need to have the Move option selected as your Swipe Left gesture in Settings > Mail and then, you will get an additional shortcut since iOS 10 is now equipped with machine learning. With that, Mail will offer some feedbacks on where you should group the messages. It seems the Mail is a quick learner!
  2. You can now view your complete email in a thread. Even you can view the complete thread of your own mail. It also lets you sort by the newest from top to bottom or vice versa based on yur liking.
  3. Those notification mails you don’t really need usually cause your mail to be overstuffed and it feels more like a spam. Apple apparently agrees because iOS 10 lets you unsubscribe from that list if you don’t want to anymore.


  1. Now iOS 10 enables you to automatically close all tabs on Safari – this is the new feature Apple comes up with. In a hurry and in need to close all the tabs on your browser? No problem, you can do it all at once now! All you need to do is tap and hold the Pages button in Safari and an option to clear all your tabs will pop up. Note: doing this won’t clear your history, you will have to go to bookmarks for that.
  2. You can delete and also view individual website data by going to Settings > Safari > Advanced and there you go, you can view and delete individual website data groupings.

Camera & Photos

These days, people tend to buy phones based on the camera resolution and such. Now, having a cool picture is a necessity. Let’s see what changes Apple have done.

  1. There is a third-party app that supports shooting and editing in raw format now. Well, apparently this is a big deal for professional photographers.
  2. You know Snapchat? The app that has this certain feature that lets you draw things on your picture? It’s also available in iOS 10 now, or specifically The Photos App that now supports Mail’s Markup extension that lets you draw things on your pictures like snapchat. If you don’t like the result, don’t be afraid ‘cause it’s non-destructive. If you don’t like it, you can start all over again!


Music makes your life more fun and lit. It makes you feel more intense so you must be curious of the changes Apple makes, right?

  1. You will get to know more music based on the kind you like since Apple Music will help you widen your music knowledge by introducing a customized weekly playlist of new music according your preference. It’s updated every Friday and the playlist contains lots of artists and music styles which will be new to you yet familiar in some ways. You can save the playlist to your local ones if you enjoy it.
  2. Sometimes when we listen to music, we want to sing along as well. The problem lies in the fact that you don’t remember the lyrics. With the new iOS 10, you can view the lyrics inside the mini player to access Lyrics and Up Next. Just swipe up and the lyrics will appear.
  3. Optimizing your music playlist is a must since the kinds of music you like keep on changing depending on your preference at the moment. The previous iOS manages your local music collection’s size to keep it from overstuffing and even though the intention is good, it ends up with disastrous results. Now, the iOS 10 gives you two choices: either let Apple do it or you do it yourself.


  1. Sometimes, you want to save voicemails since you know it holds some memories or it’s just plainly important with important information inside it. However, the previous iOS does not support saving the voicemails. Thankfully, with iOS 10, you can save your voicemails through the Share button. Isn’t that great? Now, you will be able to replay it when you miss your families or that special someone.
  2. Going to sleep on time is a hard thing to do nowadays with all these entertainments surrounding us. Of course, iOS 10 can’t force us to do sleep early and such but at least, give this Bedtime feature a try if you want to get back to your normal sleeping schedule instead of living like a bat. This feature will remind you when it’s time to sleep and will notify you when it’s nearing the time of your bedtime. Care to give it a try?

iPad Movements

  1. Having a smart connector or Bluetooth keyboard connected to your iPad will makes everything easier for you since it triggers spotlight (command-space) from anywhere, even if you are currently in a split view. As the result, even if it’s not your frequently used apps, you can lauch any app into the left side.
  2. Lastly, iOS 10 lets you pick different settings for each keyboard option. There will be no more random capitalized words for your Bluetooth or Smart Connector keyboard, I assure you. Though, autocorrects and auto-capitalization is alright and nice on a software keyboard.

So, those are the changes and improvements that have been created by Apple in the iOS 10. Do you like it or do you prefer the previous ones? Personally, I think Apple has done a great job with the brand new iOS 10. What do you think of the change? Is it for the better or even worse? Well, it’s for you to decide.

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